a listless wizard

Titled as such because I often have a hard time admitting that my memory needs help, often flatly refusing to make a list out of pure stubbornness.. figuring that if it’s important, it will remind me, like a squeaky wheel, and the issue would be handled. Or so I had thought, now a days I’m making multiple lists to keep track of all that I need to accomplish on my steady path forward.

I write today to tell you of this book of my childhood, which I don’t clearly remember, but is surely mine, since it has my childlike name inside the cover. The Wizard of Wallaby Wallow
While not wanting to entirely plagiarize the book into this blog, I’d thought to just show you this front page and link a YouTube video of someone reading for you. 
I hope you enjoy this little piece of my past, having found it myself, I think it has a lot to tell.

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  • Jaden Thio on

    The wizard of wallaby wallow was very busy. He was trying to get his stock of magic spells in the order. He had spells for turning folks into everything.

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