eh I progress in form?

much ado in the world in these times, not much air to breathe, to blow bubbles or make baubles. it crossed my thoughts to talk about our new friend, A.I. I had experimented with the tool, to jazz up some item descriptions but hasn't been feeling genuine enough for me, ending up spending more time tweaking the auto suggestions around instead of just putting my own words down.

which brings me to some worries of the future, we may easily replace our authentic words at the time, with auto corrected copy pasta from our previous statements, quicker to deliver but lacking the emotional content of the moment, an unaware recipient might not ever notice.

but if you did notice. how would you feel?

so if you see some items lacking wordage pzazz, while others being long and disjointedly elegant, you know why. solo creation is a slow, imperfect process and I'm going to make mistakes, but within those, tells the story.

this topic also being related to my earlier blog about form

and to this Oscar award winning video from 1958 (must see)

my wish is that we still cherish our humanity in this brave new world we're moving into, and to not be considered a “bug” in the program, but a desired, indispensable “feature”.





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  • RedBird on

    Well said.

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