walking scars

As rainbows are cast about by the refraction of light through a prismatic lens, split with an optical force, and viewed by us in a variety of colors –
So too are the grains of hourglass sand that irritate an oyster, thus fashioning the pearls of our lives.
Our outsides, shaped by the crucible of our environment, exposed to the greasy solar atoms we call life –
Convicted in our belief that we'll be stronger because we're still inside our own skin, existing in a prism of our own making –
By adding transparency and opacity to zazz up the subject, we allow some of our true selves to shine through.
So have there been times when I've cloaked myself in the darkness to keep from shining out loud, but that desire is getting to be less these days.
For when I see so many other cloaked souls festooned within the same shadow, it seems that I've helped us walk backwards into the darkness.
Feeling how refracted I've been by my scars, I now aspire to cast rainbows about me, to be a house of light on the shores of hope, That one day we may all be free of the need to hide our silver lining behind a fearfully dark cloud.

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