Care Instructions

All glassware sold on this site is hand crafted from fully annealed soda-lime glass (or "soft glass") and should be treated with care to avoid rapid temperature changes. Though soft glass products are dishwasher safe, they are also susceptible to thermal fracture if subjected to rapid temperature contrasts. This means they should NEVER be boiled, microwaved, or used for very hot beverages. Likewise we do not recommended burning candles down entirely into the candle cup of candleholders.


Taken as close as possible, to an 1/8th of an inch in most cases,

Container volumes have been measured from .25" below the lip of cups and from the base of the neck on bottles, which are not rated for pressure.

Pints are from 16 fluid ounces or over, Highball cups are from 13-15 fl.oz, Rocks/Juice cups are 8-12 fl.oz, Shots 1.5-2.25 fl.oz.