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The production of bottles has been a traditional glass blown craft born out of necessity, often with an emphasis on the speed of production while providing functional transportation of liquids. The forms have changed a bit with needs of the liquids contained but also with the makers skills and tools. Molds were created to homogenize the form and speed up production for mass consumption. Glass formulas were made to work best in this mold blown process, the molten glass freezing upon hitting the steel interior of the mold and not moving much after. Reheating and reworking the lip after releasing from the mold was common at first but that fell away with the industrialization of glass making. Much soul for the craft may have been lost when the first bottle top crimping tool was made. Machines took over as the only needed skills for the worker became the ability to use an oil can, even that had became self lubricating.

(The boy who dipped the molds in water during the blowing process was replaced with a mechanical device called an auto boy)

Industry gives way now to what has been called the studio glass movement, where the medium of glass isn't pushed solely by its ability to be produced but rather it’s ability to be a medium of artistic expression while still filling a functional purpose

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