Our intent is to create works worthy of your home, to keep out, use and admire.  We dream to stay the hand from reaching up to clutch your pearls when you discover our doinked collection, filled with phallus and plug shapes, suspicious silicate sausage shapes of color and wonder all swirled up inside, wearing patterns we found pleasure in creating with some even approaching a floral image. butt that art is in the eye of the beholder, as Rorschach might have thought.

and so we thought..

to announce our brand:

Innurendo (phallus and plugs)

Much care and craftsmanship has gone into creating each one, sealing all the colors, from tip to tip, under lead free crystal clear glass. All fire polishing done while over 1000f degrees, created with minimal moves and given its final rainbow curve during its last bendable moments in the air, shaped using gravity.

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  • RedBird on

    This is such an elegant description of the doinked line and your innurendos, I think it might do well copied up onto the appropriate catalog pages. I do love your artistry with prose here.

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