Building the Dream

it's been a long awaited goal of mine to have a hot shop to call my own, to fuel my creations into being whenever the mood stirs within me. Having had my hands in constructing at least 3 furnaces over the years, I figured my skills had accumulated enough to start building the parts to make it all happen.

firstly enclose carport, this took years as a side project,

add electrical, we installed the double 240v outlets required for power

install vent fan and switch

build hood

hood and vent mid build


gloryhole built from rivergrille 17.5" bbq

blowpipe warmer and glassblowing bench

blowpipe warmer (toolbox, file rack) / glassblowing bench (metal porch railing)

with the purchase of an electric furnace and an inherited ceramic kiln acting simultaneously as an annealer and color pick-up box, we begin here...

Benjamin receives his first furnace

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